The Precursors

Once the Trinity had created their ideal world one that was in balance with all the Forces of the universe they were pleased. However, in time the Trinity came to learn that something was not yet “perfect” with their creation.

The Gods Spoke and debated and argued and debated until they came to came to the conclusion that they should breath a higher form of life into the world.

This First of the Child Races of the Gods would be the Precursors, born of the essence of the Trinity and able to harness all the forces of the universe. The New Children spread across the world and grew in prospered in number, power and culture.

It is said that the precursors challenged the Gods in some manor and the Trinity know they had created something too powerful.

The Trinity than created the Titans and Dragon races and set them upon the Precursors. The land shall forever bare the scars of Cleansing. At the End of the epoch no living Precursors survived or remained.

The Precursors

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