Archon is the God of Life and death. All living things contain the essence of Archon in themselves, and in death all things surrender that essential essence back to Archon.

Archon is unique among the Gods as only Archon may breath life into a creation. Yet Archon must use the essence of Nix or Selate to bring the form to true life.

During the purge of The Precursors Archon created to children from her apposing forces.
These children where the Angels and Demons. Since neither posses true form as their is no essence of Selate in them they can not walk the world as the other children and must wither barrow forms or possess them, The most powerful may even manifest upon the earth but for only a short time.

Since the Ascension War Archon has stolen, traded and begged parts of Nix and Selate to create The Lesser Children.


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