The Three Gods

The Three Gods are born out of an single thought of the universe that took Eons of Epochs to manifest. Born unto existence like that of a Super Nova that would birth a galaxy The Gods simply WERE not one moment and WERE the next moment, before there had only been the infinite cosmos.

Mystics say that in the dawning time of the Gods, in the Time before out world was shaped. The Gods nearly destroyed themselves. Each God was a like a child wailing in the infinate night and each was the essence of apposed forces in the universe. Composed of conflicting natures every act of the Gods could enact and do in the infance coused them pain and suffering. Yet, the Gods found each other and with the aid of eachother were able exsist. Together they found themselves alone in an endless universe and possession all powers of the cosmos.

Selate God of Creation and Destruction.
Archon God of the forces of Life and Death
Nix God of Magic the Void.

Together the Gods form the The Holy Trinity, and watch over the Cosmos.

Worship: The Gods together in the From of the Trinity are said to be all powerful. Most in the Sheltor lands offer ther faith to that f the Trinity in some fassion or onother, either as a whole or by selecting single aspects or forces for their devotion. It is known that the Gods are not inheriantly good or evil, yet have infinate capacity for both. Prayers are offered up for the gods to exersice their powers for the benfit of the faithfull.

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The Three Gods

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