Terra was created by The Gods to be the Perfect World. The epitome of what a world could be… The Gods came close.

They did create a wondrous world, a vibrant world and a place of sweeping beauty. Than the Gods filled the world with simple creatures and lush plants but it was lacking. The Gods breathed new life into the world, sentient life. The First Children were strong and appeared to be perfect. Until the First Children of the Gods rebelled! The Gods Despaired and than created the Titans and the Dragons to fight their war. The Titans and Dragons defeated the first ones but have forever warred against each other. Now Humanity fights to hold it small corner of Terra, the Sheltor Lands, from the conquest of Titans and Dragons, from the Elven Empires and the Dwarven Holds ever seeking to expand their borders, form terrible beasts stirred by the living magic of the world and from enemies within and without.


For this Game I am drawing on a lot of works done by grate storytellers of many kinds, from Great game world settings such as the DarkAge, Arcana Evolved, and, of course, Dungeons and Dragons. Form Great Television like SG1 and Star Trek. From a great world of fictions that has so many lessons to teach us just as there are so many stars in the sky. I am not out to make a dime, just tell some good stories and have some great games.

The Sheltor Lands