The Nature of a PC

The Three Great Nations of Humanity understand that the Precursor weapon must be protected and maintained at all cost. With out the weapon Titan and Dragon alike would swallow humanity and the other Races that have found salvation in safe zone that it creates.

Unknown to the common man though is that the weapon requires protection. Thus the Three Great Nations have banded their resources together to ensure that the enclave atop Grey Peak is heavily fortified, supplied and secured.

It is this Enclave that the PCs will call home. For amungst the racecourses that the great nations provide the enclave they also supply their strongest defenders. They are the brilliant Masters of the 6 forces, warriors all be they wield Blade, Mind, Bow or Spell. They have all faced challenges abroad and at home and proven themselves capable. It is an extreme honor and privilege to be selected to go to the Enclave as one of its protectors, everyone who is there wants to be there and is needed there.

The PCs though are not mere ‘guards’ they are the true protectors of the realm. From Grey Top they will be sent to all corners of the ShelTor lands to answer all manner of threats and if need be activate The Precursor Weapon in defense of the Three Great Nations and the others under it protection.

For Character Creation each player will select one of the three Great nations and gain the benafits of hailing from that nation. these bonuses are in addition to character creation.

Pharaohs Lands

The Empire

Frost Marches

As we play throught the game we will meet the other races of the Sheltor Lands and it other peoples, as we do they will “unlock” as PC character as other retire, die, and otherwise pass out of the PC’s hands.

The Nature of a PC

The Sheltor Lands spiritwalker