Sheltor Lands

The ShelTor Lands are where humanity and a few other races call home. Form the Pharaohs Lands in the Great northern Sands to the Frost Marches in the frozen South. At the center of the Sheltor lands is the Greytop Mountain. Upon the forgotten peaks of Greytop lies the ruin of Couren, an ancient long forgotten precursor outpost. This out post is home to a great precursor weapon that can drive back titan and dragon alike, its range on hundreds of miles is the Sheltor lands, a corner of the world free for the rule of the Chosen

Realms of The ShelTor Lands

Three Great Nations
Pharaohs Lands
Frost Marches
The Empire

Other Realms/Kingdoms

The Golden City Jewel of the Golden Sands.
Griffin Hold

Sheltor Lands

The Sheltor Lands spiritwalker