Archon Breaths all Life into Terra, The God of Life and Death has not abandon the quest to create the perfect residents for The Divine Trinity’s World.
For The Lesser Races, those greater than mere beast Archon must also use the Divine essence of the Other Gods. Thus across Time New Races emerge upon Terra, devoid of History and possessing uncertain futures.

The Lesser Races
So called for they are the Child races with the least amount of Divine Essence.
Humanity The civilized inhabitants of the ShelTor Lands.

Goblin Kind surviving in the tight places the forgotten places these creatures struggle for survival

Fean Diminutive humanoids related to Fey kind

Beast Kin

Litorian Cat men



The favored Sons
The First races created after the Cleansing of the Precursors each was quickly brought under Control of the Elder races

Elves feared master of magic and servants on the Dragons.

Dwarves master builders/craftsman and skilled fighters this race is bound to the Will of Titans

The Elder Races
Dragons children of Archon and Nix the are craters of magic and void and live to see the titans defeated and all other bow to them

Titans the children of Archon and Selate they are living manifestations of creation and destruction and masters of the materiel world.
The First Ones
The Precursors


The Sheltor Lands spiritwalker