Of Magic and Magic Items

magic is an inherently overt thing. Once can not sudlty cast a spell and have it go unnoticed by those around. Magic is bright, flashy and takes and clear and obvious forms.

Magic itself is part of the world and one of the Forces of Creation. Magic can be approached as a Science by most and art by some and a Gift of faith by others. Just as Writing to some comes naturally so do does magic to others, while others can approach it with formulae and structure as a means of understanding. Finally, for some it is something that simply is and requires no deep thought.

Magic comes form without of a person. Runes are traced in the air. Glyfs appear in the air, lines of force and color coalesces into spell craft. Psionics are the opposing force to magic. Psionics come form completely inside the manifester. Muscles flex, bones Jar, and Powers erupt from the mind of the wielder of the power.

Ritual Casting
Special Feats
Mana Stones
varrient Rules for scrolls, Know Stones, and Obs

Magic Items that are inherently enchanted like those of traditional pathfinder are very rare.

Most Items, specifically Arms and Armor require Mana Stones to function at higher enchantment levels. The Stones Take on many shapes and colors but always very small.

Of Magic and Magic Items

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