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Terra was created by the Divine trinity to be the Perfect World. The epitome of what a world could be… The Gods came close.

They did create a stable world, a vibrant world and a place of sweeping beauty. Than the Gods filled the world with life but it was lacking. They Gods breathed new life into the world, sentient life. But the First Children of the Gods rebelled!The Gods Despaired and than created the Titans and the Dragons to fight their war. The Titans and Dragons defeated the first ones but have forever warred against each other. Now Humanity fights to hold it small corner of the Globe, the Sheltor Lands, from the conquest of Titans and Dragons, from the Elven Empires and the Dwarves ever seeking to expand their Holds, form terrible beasts stirred by the living magic of the world.

Welcome to the Sheltor Lands: The last refuge of Freedom and your home.

The Sheltor Lands hold the three great kingdoms of Man and serve as the only space free from the lordship of titan and Dragon.

Humanity has know 500 years of peace in the Sheltor Lands and has grown and expanded. As they have thrived they are now faced with confrontation from with in and without. The Age of Sheltor is at stake and Heroes will need to save it, or all will be lost to chain, flame and shadow.

The Nature of a PC What kind of character finds adventure at the table? what kind of hero protects the age of Sheltor?
The Nature of the Game Ideas for how the game will progress and grow.
Character Creation

Sheltor Lands The Lands you call home.
Cosmology the Nature of the Gods and their Worship
Of Magic and Magic Items Please read, things are different than what you may be used too
History How did it come to this…

Main Page

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