The Land has been torn and destroyed be the Ascension War for untold Ages. The Chosen Children of the Gods: Dragons and Titans have fought for lordship and supremacy for untold ages. Surviving between the great powers the Lesser Races have struggled to survive and live simple lives.

500 years ago Humanity discovered a remnant of The Precursors. A forgotten weapon of the first ones in the ruined city of Couren. The weapon controlled by the Diamond Throne gives even the Dragon and the Titans pause and thus created a safe heaven for Humanity to grow and thrive. The Age of Sheltor began. Since than the Three Great Nations have been born and seek to ensure Humanity’s survival.

The Empire
Was forged early in that age of Sheltor.

One of the Great heroes that discovered the weapon on Greytop Mountain was from the City state of Rome. As the age of Sheltor began to fall on the land the City states and lords of the realm began to prey upon each other for power, land and resources. It was an age that promised glory and conquest, that a single strong nation would rise from the land and rule to supremacy and be a beacon for Humanity. However, as the wars began one city would fall to another only to felled by its neighbor. The Lords proclaimed themselves kings and lived lives beyond the means of mortal men. The people grew poor, week, and the land was scarred by new conflicts. Plaig, fammen and the embers of war savaged the people wile the Kings new no suffering and lived in luxury. The Hero saw this and though she was covered in glory she know this to be a great invitation for weakness.

What was the Point of Being free if this was all that humanity could offer?

In the cold of Winter she gathered loyal followers, and declared herself the Empress. Julia Celstine the First. In the time before the next winter she proceeded to bring 49 of the 50 city States under the new Banner of the Empire. The Final city state refused to join and turned to aid from Dwarves. The Clash was devastating, yet Julia Celstine was victorious. The modern Empire was than born.


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