Frost Marches

In the Far and Frozen south is the land of the Frost Marche.

Much of the land claimed by the Cold Lord, ruler of the Frost March, is actually out side the range of the Weapon upon Greytop. The inhabitants of this kingdom use winter and the harsh geography of the land to their advantage to ensure that they are never conquered. Elves and Dwarves may threaten the land but so do Giant Beats and the Elements infused with potent magic.

The Frost March is not densely populated as the land is not well suited for farming.
The inhabitants survive off of the land via gathering, herding fishing and hunting. Dotting the coast line and inner plains are hundreds of tiny villages that have no permanent inhabitants. For every hundred or so of these villages are impressive and might castles. When winter comes the masses retreat behind the great walls and the defensible positions of these fortified holdings.

Tribal Chiefs each answer to the Cold Lord, ruler of the Frost March.

Exports: Iron, Wools and furs.
Imports: Grain, Rice and Timber


Section of coast line in summer
One of the Winter Castles that holds the population safe from the ravages of winter until Spring comes

Frost Marches

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